New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Why am I taking on this run for District 1 County Commissioner?


I want to have a seat at the table so that I can help make decisions for the betterment of Franklin County.  I will be a voice for Franklin County, a leader who is ready to show up and get the job done, and an advocate who will promote the needs of the County.


With your vote, I will support our Schools and keep them fully funded. As your Commissioner, I will work closely with school administrators and officials to support the educational needs for our schools.  I believe that the successes of our schools are key to our children’s futures.  Franklin County is growing rapidly and we need to make sure our schools are ready for the growth in student numbers.


As Commissioner, I will support the economic growth and development of the County by making sure that infrastructure is available to accommodate growth of businesses and residential areas.  I will support the need for public safety so that Franklin County is a safe place to live and work.  Lastly, as Commissioner, I will ensure that Public Health services are accessible to individuals and families.  Our hospital has reopened and that is critical for our County, especially District 1.  Adequate healthcare is essential to the health and longevity of residents in the County.

I am fired up and ready to get to work for Franklin County.  I respectfully ask for your vote, and together we will keep our County moving forward. 

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