"I have decided to run for election in Franklin County because I want to keep moving our county forward.  I want to work for the citizens of District One and all of Franklin County because you deserve a County Commissioner who will work hard to represent all of our communities and neighborhoods equally and fairly."
Economic Development

Franklin County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of North Carolina. By 2025, Franklin County is projected to see its population grow from 60,000 to 80,000 residents. The expansion of Highway 401 will improve road safety and help bring growth and development to Franklin County. As commissioner I will work with businesses leaders and our planning department to ensure Franklin County has responsible and measured growth. As a county we must grow responsibly, and should ensure our county has the necessary services (schools, public safety, water, transportation, broadband), to support this growth.


Working as the Guardian ad Litem (child advocate) for abused and neglected children in the 9th Judicial District of Franklin County, I know all too well the challenges facing our children in the modern wold. 


Our public schools in Franklin County must be fully funded for our children to succeed. For the past three years, the current Board of Commissioners have passed a budget that has allowed the schools to remain fully funded. Franklin County Schools have seen improvement because of dynamic leadership, and I plan on working with the school board to address and support the continuing needs of public schools in our growing county. 

Public Safety

I will work with my fellow commissioners and county government to ensure that all of our public safety responsibilities are supported. We should all feel safe in our schools and communities, and as commissioner I will work to ensure that those on the front line of public safety have the tools they need to do their job effectively.


Every county resident deserves to have access to health care services.  Our county leaders worked hard to reopen our hospital, and that was critical for residents of all ages.  Adequate healthcare is essential to the health and longevity of county residents.  As Commissioner, I will continue to push for doctors and health care providers to expand and improve the services they offer to our citizens. 


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